Product Highlights - Walking your dog with an injured leg

Walking your dog with an injured leg.

Essential Wellness product highlights - For maintaining your dog walking routine with an ankle or knee injury.

Looking after yourself first

Remember the first step to managing to maintain your dog walking routine with a personal injury is to look after yourself first. Some notes from the Essential Wellness Physiotherapist.

  • Can you ask friends and family to help out? - Proper rest now will help you get your mobility back quicker
  • Remember PRICE, this stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation
  • Build up your tolerance to walking gradually, when done in this way, dog walking can become a fantastic method of encouraging rehabilitation

Essential Wellness provides a range of physiotherapist approved supports. The rest of the products on this page are designed to specifically assist you in your day-to-day dog walking.

Essential Wellness Karma System

Adjusting to the change of pace

Your dog may not fully understand why walks become much slower, and you may experience more tugging on the lead than normal.

The anti-pull harness allows for greater control over your dog and stops doggie discomfort from excessive  pulling around the neck.

Dog Walking Assistance Pack

Get 25% of the Anti-pull dog harness, LED Visibility Collar and car seat belt when purchased together. Providing you with everything you need to continue walking your best friend.

Order from the product page of any applicable item. Discount applied at checkout.


Anti-pull Harness

Easier control over your dog while walking. Doesn't choke when your dog pulls.

Preferred by dogs, over collar walks.



LED Visibility Collar

Bright LED's keep your dog visible when off the lead walking at night.

Keep an eye on your best friend, even if you can't keep up.



Car Seat Belt for Dogs

If you can't walk long distances, drive somewhere you can let your dog off the lead. 

Compatible with all car selt-belt sockets.